We are a Procurement and Logistics firm, with special emphasis on Procurement services, channel to meet the increasing challenges of oil and gas, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, beverage and allied industries in Nigeria,

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About us

Holadco Int’l Company Limited has been incorporated in Nigeria since the year 2007. It’s wholly an indigenous company with the primary objective to service the oil and gas, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, beverage and allied industries.

We are an Engineering Procurement , Procurement and Logistics firm, channel to meet the increasing challenges of the above listed industries in Nigeria, To this concern, we have assembled a team of considerable experience personnel to enable us achieve our aims and objectives in meeting our client’s needs. We equally uphold our client’s satisfaction and always give our best. Since, we believe that the best services can only make us excel and invariably make us a brand name in the industry.

As such, it is our policy to adopt innovative culture, responsiveness, flexibility, commitment to superior know-how and faithfulness to the vision of our clients to achieve results. The critical element we bring to our clientele is to work closely with them to understand their needs and respond carefully to those needs. All these put together, brings the best and success, blended with long-term relationship with our clients.

In view of the aforementioned and unrelenting effort in meeting our prospective client’s needs, we have gone ahead to broker representative relationship with both manufacturers and international selling/buying houses of the listed and, Allied industries material/maintenance parts and equipment.
However, with the cordial relationship enjoyed with our foreign associates manufacturing firms, we provide first class procurement services to companies in purchasing all sort of Industrial servicing parts and equipment.


In realizing our vision, to meet our client ultimate needs, foreigners in form of joint venture/technical partners particularly in the area of equipment manufacturing and logistics supply services are encourage to work with us. Though, with the working relationships already established with some foreign companies, we have the capacity to meet our clients’ needs at short notice. Besides, discussions are currently on with a number of interested foreign companies on partnership arrangement.  We advocate best standard practice and will do our best to safeguard our partner’s interest in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, our procurement staffs are well positioned to meet both potential clients and existing clients’ procurement needs.
Under our corporate philosophy HOLADCO has been engineered to head towards a relentless pursuit for excellence, in order to bring satisfaction to both her existing and potential clients with special emphasis and genuine concerns for the operational environment.

Presently, the company is a limited liability partnership firm governed and registered under The Company & Allied Matters act of 1990 with registration number RC: 720884. The company started full operations on the 03rd of January 2008 through building up contacts both within and outside Nigeria.

As an engineering, procurement and logistics firm operating in an emerging market, HOLADCO is creating a niche to enable her survive in a market where quacks and communities are encroaching due to high political and economic reasons. Our key to added value for this line of business often lies in our expert access to effective market information and industry maneuver


HOLADCO has been organized to take position and full advantage of the various opportunities Nigeria’s LOCAL CONTENT policy. This is possible given the quality of management, manufacturers, sellers and staff working with the firm. 

From past records, the entity has been dynamic, responsive and continuously improving and the principals have remained slim, focused, and result oriented in every aspect. There exists a lot of service and team sharing; most decisions are made out using the committee style. A Cross multi-disciplinary perspective is been given to every challenge based on the managements’ strong conviction.

Dedication to long-term relationships with our clients, manufacturing associates and international sellers, enables us acquire a highly effective global intelligence capability.

Structures that enable the management team assess various situations from all possible angles are also being employed to provide a near faultless solution to obstacles, if any.  Individual skills are reinforced by the strength of the team spirit that characterizes HOLADCO.

The company has successfully consolidated her position as agent and distributor for the commercial interest of Manufacturers and  Stockist of oil and gas and allied industries VALVES, ACCESSORIES, ACTUATORS, PIPES, FITTINGS, TOOLS, PUMPS, BLOWERS, COMPRESSORS,MACHINES, CUPLAR , POWERTOOLS/SCRAPER, GASKETS  and INSTRUMENTATION EQUIPMENTS,PARTS AND ACCESSORIES etc. Among the STOCKIST and Manufacturing companies we currently represents are PENN USA, EN-FAB USA, BADGER INDUTRIES USA, SPX USA, APV (BRAN+LUEBBE), GASKET INTERNATONAL ITALY, BONO ARTES Italy
VITHERM SA, VICHEM SA, HGF-PHE SA, AVK VALVE SA UNILAND INDUSTRY GROUP CHINA etc. We have synergized to represent each other’s interest.

In addition to our Procurement services our logistic arm is developing the marine transportation interest of our company, with working synergy and relationship already been developed with some local and Foreign companies. This effort is to complement HOLADCO business expansions which are born out of the Cabotage act in Nigeria. This business arm of the company is focus mainly on Oil and Gas Offshore Support Marine Logistics within Nigeria and her West Africa environs.